Hi, my name is Sonya and I am so excited to have you here on my website.  I have been bookkeepingPhoto on 27-04-2014 at 10.14 pm #4 and helping small to medium sized business owners for the last 20 years.  I am one of the people you may consider ‘weird’, I LOVE Bookkeeping and Administration work, and I LOVE helping Small Business Owners make their dreams come true.

I established Ask the Bookkeeper so that I could do what I love doing, but on a bigger scale.  Ask the Bookkeeper is an ever evolving project, but it is all about helping and supporting Business Owners to improve their knowledge, wether thats bookkeeping knowledge, small business ownership knowledge, keeping up with the latests marketing trends.

I am very passionate about working with business owners to help them have the most successful business possible.  I love systems and systemising businesses, you would be surprised at how much more profitable your business can be when you have he right systems in place.

I have been in business since 1998 and since then I have supported many small businesses from ‘one man bands’ to companies with 40 to 50 staff members.  I love reading and learning new things and will take on any challenge to find a solution if it means that, you the small business owner benefits from the solution.

I subscribe to what Zig Ziglar calls the Automobile University.  This is where I listen to books and podcasts and rapidly expand my knowledge.  I believe learning is addictive, but you don’t have to go to school, TAFE or University to improve that knowledge or to learn knew things.  With the internet, and so many people out their willing to share their knowledge with you, learning is easy.

Logan & NateI have 3 children and 2 grand children.  I am committed to enjoying as much time as I can with my family.  I love learning about history and what it was like to live back in the late 1800’s, early 1900’s. I love sport, especially tennis, netball, and aussie rules football.

I am passionate about personal development, spirituality, mindfulness and happiness.  I meditate daily (well most days 🙂 ) and genuinely believe that you can’t be a successful business owner if you do not look after yourself mentally and physically.


Mentoring business owners is a passion of mine, most of my bookkeeping clients get mentoring while I’m onsite, but I also work with other business owners who aren’t bookkeeping clients as well.

Being a small business owner you usually spend all your time working in your business, making sure that your sales are happening, or that your staff and doing the right thing.  Your business gets to a certain point and then stops and even though you tell everyone that business is great and you love what you are doing, often you wonder to yourself, is this really worth it.

Quite often your friends aren’t business owners, but even if they are, do you really want to tell them that you are exhausted, sick of the long hours and have more debt now than when you started?  So who do you turn to?  Who can you be honest with about how things really are?  Thats where I step in, I love working with business owners, setting goals, making those goals achievable and helping the business owner to turn things around, spend more time with their family.

I help them think outside the box, gently push them to work outside their comfort zone and hold them sonyaaccountable so that they don’t give up.

I find it so exciting watching the people grow and develop their knowledge and make changes in their businesses so that working for themselves becomes exciting again instead of it being a heavy weight of distress on their shoulders.

I also love working with small business owners who want to move forward with their business, but either don’t have the knowledge or just need someone to hold them accountable, or to run ideas past to see if they would work.


As a small business owner, or someone supporting a small business owner, have you ever sat at your computer trying to work out how to enter something into the accounting software you have and you just can’t figure it out? Or you just can’t understand what to do with all the paperwork and is it all necessary? Or you have issues that you would like to talk to someone about but don’t want it to be a friend or relative you confide in?

Through Ask the Bookkeeper I supports and teaches small business owners bookkeeping in a way they understand.  I don’t expect you to love bookkeeping and paperwork the way I do, but I can help you not to dread it.  I understand what it is like to run a small business on your own, without the support of a business partner to share the burden.  Through Ask the Bookkeeper I provide this support for you so you don’t feel alone.

Most small business owners believe they cannot afford a bookkeeper for various reasons.  By the time they get around to getting one, their bookwork is in such a mess that it costs them a fortune to get it fixed.  By working with me, I can help you prevent this from happening and therefore save you time and money.

By having my support, your bookkeeping will become easier, you will be able to become and maintain being ATO compliant and you will be able to identify area’s in your business that you can improve on and become more successful, while all the time feeling supported and not alone.