Paying Workers – Compliance – Record Keeping

As mentioned in last week’s blog, when it comes to paying your staff, it is really important that you get things right, or as close to as possible.  This also includes maintaining correct records so that if you get audited at any stage the process is easy and you also have all the information that […]

Paying Workers – Compliance – Staff Personnel File

When it comes to paying your staff, it is really important that you get things right, or as close to right as possible. To do this there are a few things that you need to know, like the Award they work under, Classification they are on within that award, any allowances they are entitled to […]

Paying Workers – Software

There is so much involved in paying a staff member, from tracking time, getting hourly rates right, to PAYG and Super.  It can be quite overwhelming for someone who has never paid staff before, actually even if you have paid staff before.  Having learnt everything that you have already learnt from my previous blogs the […]

Engaging Workers – Workers First Day

When new employees start working for you, it is a great idea to get off on the right foot.  This starts prior to them actually starting, by giving them as much information as you possibly can.  Then on the day they start, the best way to make them feel welcome is to take them through […]

Engaging Workers – Employment

Prior to even Interviewing people you need to be organised with a Letter of Engagement, Letter to Unsuccessful Applicants and your induction process.  So if you haven’t already prepared this prior to interviews, you will need to do so now. Letter of Engagement The Letter of Engagement informs new employees about the terms and conditions […]

Engaging Workers – Recruitment

Over the past few weeks we have looked at everything that you need to do to prepare to engage workers.  Now its time to start recruiting them.  We need to look at the process of recruitment so you can set everything up correctly and so you can stay ATO compliant. Job Description A job description […]

Engaging Workers – Preparing for Recruitment

It is now time to start the recruitment process.  Putting things in place so your recruitment process flows effortlessly is just as important as all the steps involved in preparing for engaging workers. Leading up to this time you should have undertaken the following tasks: Determined what type of employment your staff will have (full-time, […]

Preparing to engage workers – Occupational Health & Safety

One of the final things you need to do before engaging staff is to create a safe working environment for them.  You may feel that you have worked in this environment for a period of time already and therefore it is quite safe, but adding workers to the environment requires you to take a look […]

Preparing to engage workers – Flexibility in the Workplace

With the introduction of the Fair Work Act (2009) we saw a lot of changes in the employer/employee environment. One of the major things to change is the introduction of Flexibility in the Workplace. A lot of business owners embraced the change and a lot didn’t have time to find out what Flexibility in the […]

Preparing to engage workers – knowing parts of the award

As we keep moving forward in our Payroll/HR themed blogs, this week we look at understanding parts of the award or agreements that you will be operating on.  It is a great idea to have all this knowledge so when or if your staff question you, you are able to assist them. Having a general […]