Individual Mentoring

There is no passion to be found playing small – in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living. – Nelson Mandela

My Goal

My goal is to impact the lives of Business Owners in a way that leaves a positive impact and helps them achieve their wildest dreams.

I believe you can be a successful business owner, loving partner/parent and have a great work/life balance.

From my perspective, helping people do this is what mentoring is all about.

Overview of Program:

The Individual Mentoring Program is an intensive set of Personal Skype or In Person Sessions that you undertake with myself.

It is designed to help you make immediate positive changes within your business so that your paperwork flows better, your bookkeeping skills improve, you become or stay ATO Compliant and you can handle any small business issue that arises.  We also look at how to get your mind right and address any mental blocks you have around growth of your business, as well as looking at sales and marketing growth strategies.

You also have email access (or Messenger) during this time for guidance and feedback in relation to your program and progress in-between sessions.


  • Encouragement – you will receive honest to goodness feedback and encouragement.
  • Support – you will be supported with honesty, respect and shared resources.
  • Motivation – you will be motivated to do your best at all times.
  • Challenged – you will be challenged to make improvements with confidence.
  • Inspired – you will be inspired to make changes and improvements so you can achieve your dreams within your business.
  • Advised – you will be given suggestions to grow and to consider new alternatives and solutions.
  • Accountable – you will be held accountable through brainstorming ideas and implementation of those ideas.

Criteria for Participating:

  • Willing to be pushed out of your comfort zone
  • Be somewhat self motivated so that you are able to implement your weekly tasks
  • Be hungry for growth
  • Be willing to look yourself in the mirror and make changes to improve, and, at the same time be willing to accept direct,personal and comprehensive feedback without being defensive


  • Be on time to every session
  • You must be willing to start letting go
  • Be prepared to work on your business instead of just in it
  • Be ready to tweak your business


It is a great idea to set a goal for the program.  I will work on this with you at the start, but the goal will be what you intend or desire to achieve in the period you work with myself.


  • There are few relationships in real life where confidentiality is assured. Confidentiality is a critical component to these mentoring sessions.  What is said in the session stays in the session.

What could you achieve with the proper advice, encouragement, counsel and belief of Mentoring?

Not Business Coaching:

I DO NOT provide business coaching.  I provide expertise, guidance, advice and encouragement to help improve your bookkeeping, paper flow and small business issues.  If you would like business coaching I suggest you seek someone in your area for this.


Depending on what you want to achieve and how fast you want to achieve it, they can be undertaken over the following lengths of time.

Program 1

  • weekly for 6 months – 26 sessions
  • fortnightly for 12 months – 26 sessions
  • monthly for 24 months – 24 sessions

Program 2

  • weekly for 3 months – 13 sessions
  • fortnightly for 6 months – 13 sessions
  • monthly for 12 months – 12 sessions

Limited Places

I take a limited number of Mentorees on the Individual Mentoring Program each month, please email me when you are ready –


Program 1 – $1,500 – $60 x 25 weeks

Program 2 – $750 – $30 x 25 weeks

Both programs can be paid on a weekly basis via PayPal (using credit card) or if paid in full up front you will receive a 15% discount