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Bookkeeping 101

There are so many things that you need to learn about Bookkeeping.  I love helping people learn.  I love bookkeeping.  If you are new to bookkeeping or just a bit lost and having trouble getting your head around some things, this is the page for you.  Throughout my many blogs I have provided you with quite a few different resources.  Some are downloadable and some are just links.  I have put these into subjects and provided them all for you below.


Sometimes as we are learning things people will use words that we are not quite sure what they mean.  So I have included a page on Bookkeeping Terminology for you to scan through and find the meanings to those words that you are not quite sure about.

Tax Office Requirements

Keeping up with what you have to lodge and when you have to lodge it can be quite overwhelming for a business owner that also has to run their business successfully.  So I have included a page on Key Dates for you to go over and find out what is due when.

BAS Time

6 Steps to make your BAS Time a breeze

Common BAS/GST Mistakes

Why your BAS should only take you 5 minutes

BAS Debt and How to Avoid it.

I have also created a BAS Preparation Checklist for you to use. The Checklist assumes you have done all the data entry. If you follow this step by step your BAS will be a breeze.

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End of Financial Year

The End of Financial Year can be so stressful.  Here are some blogs that I have written to help you get through that time.

Bookkeeping and the End of Financial Year

Making it through the End of Financial Year when you have Staff

7 Steps to making the End of Financial Year Less Stressful

I have also created an End of Financial Year Checklist for you to use.  This checklist will help you get through your End of Financial Year easier.

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Understanding bookkeeping is essential to what you do.  I have written a series of blogs that will help you get your head around how bookkeeping really works.

Do you know which business structure suits your business?

What is a Chart of Accounts and how can it help you achieve more in your Business

How setting up your Chart of Accounts correctly can get you the right Reports

If you would like to download a spreadsheet of the Chart of Accounts then you can click the button below.  By downloading this spreadsheet you will be able to import it into your accounting program.

Click Here to download my Chart of Accounts Spreadsheet

If you want to just have a PDF version then click here.

Understanding the difference between Cash & Accrual Accounting Methods will help you understand your Business.

Understanding the Goods & Services Tax (GST)

Setting up an Accounts Receivable System

Understanding What Accounts Payable Is

Understanding a Profit & Loss Statement will help you succeed in Business

What does a Profit and Loss Statement tell you

Why Bank Reconciliations are one of the most important functions in Bookkeeping

Christmas Time

Coming up to Christmas time we need to be aware of a few things with our businesses.  Here are a few things for you to know about.

You Could be Charged a Tax on Your Christmas Party and Gifts

Staff and Christmas Shutdown Leave

Preparing to Engage Workers

Deciding to employ Staff is a big decision to make.  It is not something to make lightly and not something that you should do before understanding the process.  I have written quite a few blogs around understanding what is involved in preparing yourself for employing staff. I hope you take the opportunity to read through them before you jump in and engage workers.

Preparing to Engage Workers – Employment Types

Preparing to Engage Workers – Fair Work

Preparing to Engage Workers – National Employment Standards

Preparing to Engage Workers – Compliance – PAYG

Preparing to Engage Workers – Compliance – Superannuation

Preparing to Engage Workers – Fringe Benefits Tax Part 1

Preparing to Engage Workers – Fringe Benefits Tax – Part 2

Preparing to Engage Workers – Fringe Benefits Tax – Types of Fringe Benefits

Preparing to Engage Workers – Compliance – Payroll Tax

Preparing to Engage Workers – Workplace Giving Programs

Preparing to Engage Workers – Knowing Parts of the Award

Preparing to Engage Workers – Flexibility in the Workplace

Preparing to Engage Workers – Occupational Health & Safety

I have also created a checklist for you to work through and tick off as your knowledges grows in the area of preparing to employ workers.

 Click Here to download your Preparing to Engage Workers Checklist