Welcome to Ask The Bookkeeper


I am so excited to have you here.  Ask the Bookkeeper has been designed to help you, the Small Business Owner to get help with your Bookkeeping or Small Business questions when you need it, in a way that you find easy.

Being a Small Business Owner can be lonely at times, or being the Partner of a Small Business Owner can be even lonelier… And knowing where you can turn to for advice or support is also an issue.  You may or may not have friends who are also Small Business Owners, if you do are you comfortable asking them questions? Are they experienced enough to answer your questions?  That is why I have created Ask the Bookkeeper, to establish a community where Small Business Owners can turn to for help with their bookkeeping and small business questions.


Ask the Bookkeeper is designed for you to ask me any question you may have about your bookkeeping/small business problem/issue.

I have over 20 years experience in bookkeeping and working in/with Small Businesses.  I understand that most Small Business Owners don’t what to employ or contract in a Bookkeeper, that they believe that they should be able to do their bookwork themselves or that they are not financially in the right spot to do so.

Because I love helping Small Business Owners and could talk all day to people about bookkeeping and Small Business Management I established Ask the Bookkeeper so I could do just that.

How to Use this Site

This site contains a Blog, a Podcast (coming soon) and Screencasts linked to YouTube (coming soon).  The content for these are created from answering questions from Small Business Owners.  To learn more about how to submit your question please go to our Ask page.